quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2007

Sh!t happens!

Tava tudo tão bom...

Voltei a ter aulas com o antigo instrutor. Pode ser o jeito dele, eu entendo, juro que entendo, mas mesmo assim não sou obrigada a simpatizar, certo? Ninguém merece.


Off to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ;*

d-.-b Everlasting Love, Jamie Cullum

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Nandaike disse...

Unfortunatelly shit really happens........ I got myself into one now... Since sunday, and my last discussion with Mr Ste, I tried to stand a white flag yesterday night and since now, he is unwilling to be ok with it... If I believed in magic... Id say someone did something. THAT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, I really hope you can get along with your new instructor, it's important, try to ignore that, think about your lessons, how much you need to learn and well, in the end he's gonna be gone soon, anyway!!!!!!! ;)
Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!